Missing Johnny

Spring summer 2019

Missing Johnny’s proposal for Spring – Summer 2019 offers an infinite number of outfits designed for the day-to-day of an urban and cosmopolitan woman who needs a unique look that helps her shine with her own light.

For this we find vaporous dresses in solid colors or with prints, as is the case of the Cayenne, Chintz or Warmolive collection; floral prints as in the Blueatoll, Formula or Jellybean collection; and without forgetting the contrasting geometric motifs present in symbolic collections such as Macaw or Midnight.

From the fruit of our passion for urban style and architecture, the Fuchsiarose collection was born, where the combination of different fabrics with innovative cuts, together with a print that combines floral and geometric elements, make this collection a collection that any urban woman wanted to have in your closet.

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