Missing Johnny

Autumn winter 2018

The 2018 Autumn-Winter collection is pure harmony among colours, fabrics, cuttings, and a growing corporate responsibility. This collection wants to reinvent its foundations with a strong commitment to continue being the favourite brand of urban women with fighting spirit.

We have based the present corporate responsibility on two fundamental pillars: European manufacture and a unified own system of pattern making.

This new 2018 Autumn-Winter collection will be entirely manufactured in the European territory and will count with a new unified system of sizes and patterns, as a result of our experts’ seeking of each piece of clothing to perfectly suit. The combination of key factors as the Spanish design, the internal pattern making, the European manufacture and the trends analysis make this collection way more enriched and establich the optimal juncture for a collection full of innovation and possibilities.

It has to do with finding the perfect outfit for the urban woman and for each time of her daily life.

The highly present cotton, the unification of the sizes, the youthful and fresh design, and the new inspiration make these clothes the perfect choice for those moments where a young and stylish woman needs an outfit that rises to the occasion.

In short, the Autumn-Winter season is an ode to colors, cuts, fabrics and to a renewed perspective  that conclude in a NEW MISSING JOHNNY.

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