Rosalita Señoritas

Rosalita Señoritas

Rosalita Señoritas is a children’s clothing brand designed and made in Spain, aimed at girls aged 2 to 12, giving a name to clothing that draws inspiration from happiness and a curious outlook on life.

These are the attitudes that girls have towards situations and the flow of daily life, which is why Rosalita Señoritas are the ideal wear for them as they play, discover, experiment, experience, etc. The dresses, tops, trousers, coats, etc. blend in with girls’ way of life and match their excitement towards putting colour into any grey morning, and making any day special, even if an adult would see it as just another day.

Niña con vestido de la temporada primavera verano 2021

Since 2009 we’ve been designing collections that breathe new life into the brand, launching new items and changes based on originality and colour that would meet even the most demanding tastes.

Clothing by Rosalita Señoritas is the best companion for games, discovery, new experiences, etc. Their designs inspire girls to imagine stories and come up with fantastic tales, evoke the creation of worlds that can be found within the brushstrokes on the clothes.

Little ones can put colour, fun and enthusiasm into even the dullest day.

Rosalita Señoritas’ range is bursting with clothes that will fill girls’ days with light and colour.

Inspirational motifs, beautiful designs, floral patterns, lace and infinite details and decorations that make each Rosalita Señoritas piece stand out, always with beauty, magic and happiness. Dresses, mini-dresses, skirts, tops, coats and many more items of clothing that get across the brand’s vitality and optimism.

What’s more, Rosalita Señoritas uses patterns that can be matched with Rosalita McGee patterns so that mothers and daughters can pair up – while not dressing the same – with exclusive designs that are different for both of them, but similar in their fabrics and mixes.

We are committed to manufacturing our clothes within the European Union and selecting natural materials, specifically cotton.

What’s more, the designs have their own pattern system, which fits the needs of little ones, making sure the clothing is both comfortable and beautiful.

Rosalita Señoritas gives a name to a line that draws inspiration from happiness and a curious outlook on life.

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