About us

Textiles Montecid currently designs, markets and distributes clothing and accessories under three brands: Rosalita McGee (women’s clothing and accessories, since 2005), Missing Johnny (women’s clothing and accessories, since 2008) and Rosalita Señoritas (girls’ clothing and accessories, since 2009).

As a result of its good economic performance, Textiles Montecid has strengthened its position as a solid company on the market, and it plans to grow even more.

From the offset, Textiles Montecid has been committed to unique designs and manufacturing in Spain.

The designs of the brands’ different seasons stem from the creativity of Design Department, which doesn’t stop innovating thanks to new eye-catching motifs to give our clothes a special touch.

Much like our Design Department, Textiles Montecid decided to stick to local patterning, located in Spain to give our clothes more personality.

Each brand has its own different and exclusive patterns, all of which were developed by our department who, year after year, keeps on innovating and moving forward to make the designs even more exclusive, so that they look even more unique.

We are aware of the added value that this could have for the local economy, as such, some years ago, we decided to bring production back to Spain and Europe, working with local workshops.

This has also made us far more versatile and agile in producing and manufacturing our collections, allowing us to adapt our customers’ need when we run out of stock.

We’re producing in Spain and Europe again, working with local workshops closer to our head offices.

We have also changed the packaging that protects each piece individually. Now they are recyclable and made from recycled materials.

The boxes that we send out the clothing in are made out of recycled cardboard, the inks used in the boxes for our online store have also been selected so that they contaminate as little as possible, cutting back on colours and plastics.

We offer our customers a swift and flexible service, with personalised customer care.

As such, our customers enjoy many advantages. We deliver the goods in 24/48 hours in Spain, and in 48-72 hours in Europe.

They receive the goods at no extra cost for shipping and customs if their purchase is over a certain amount. Throughout each season, customers can request restocks of items that have been more successful or items that they haven’t tried yet. They can request the restocks through the online store for professionals, which is available 24/7, and which also shows the availability of each article at any given time.

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