Rosalita McGee

Rosalita McGee is women’s fashion brand that is designed and manufactured in Spain full of colours that will brighten even the dullest of days.

We create clothes with thousand of details, embroidered motifs and adornments.

Our collections are aimed at women who are not scared of showing off their positive outlook, happiness and enthusiasm all throughout their lives.

The brand name has a curious story behind it, bringing together two songs:

Mujer con confianza y ropa de Rosalita McGee

Here at Rosalita McGee, we have been designing optimism and dressing women with enthusiasm since 2005.

We keep fresh with our innovative design, our boundless details, patches, patterns and our cutting-edge colour combinations that made the brand stand out from the offset.

We love exploring with different materials and combinations, and new production techniques, which is why each collection is full of innovative options, always sticking to our philosophy.

Rosalita McGee stands out because of its colours and its unique fabrics and patterns that are just brimming with life. Their women’s clothing and accessories come from a search for bright and cheerful combinations.

The company, Textiles Montecid, and the brand, Rosalita McGee, focus on the principles of quality, innovative products and faultless, efficient service and production. These qualities are what make the brand different and make it stand out on the market.

Rosalita McGee is based on the work and enthusiasm of the different departments that make up the business structure: design, marketing and communication, sales, exports, IT, accounting, our network of sales agents, etc.

Rosalita McGee provides women with top quality designs that bring together classic and modern elements, always seen through the lens of colour and happiness. In this way, the clothes are suitable and ideal for any occasion.

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