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Missing Johnny is a contemporary urban brand that makes clothes and accessories for women. Harmonious mixes of textures, details and colour.

Missing Johnny has a youthful, avant-garde and artistic approach.

Those who know and love the brand think of Johnny as the older brother that any only child would want, or that friend they’d want to have around some time, missing his support, company or hand, taking them to place that they’d never been before.

That’s Johnny and this is the end goal of the search for different textures, motifs that awaken sensations, details that make simple things interesting, and measured tones that balance out the composition of the pieces.

Missing Johnny

Missing Johnny has been offering women an exclusive personal style since 2008.

The essence behind Missing Johnny’s philosophy is to always seek and be driven to learn more, and the brand paves the way towards being a free spirit, always questioning and discovering.

It comes from theatre, comics, music, books, travel, the worlds we discover walking alongside that friend or older brother. Missing Johnny gives women an exclusive personal style that brings with it a high level of hope, clothes that give off an imaginative attitude, while also looking to bring out a more positive outlook.

Their designs stem from culture to shape out an aesthetic that can constantly connect with the artistic worlds that comes from. Listen to your creative side and bring it out with Missing Johnny.

Mini-dresses and tops are the key items, mixed with punchy graphics and a colour palette that brings together reds and greens harmoniously with black and white.

Comfortable clothes, with cotton, taking centre stage, but without losing its avant-garde essence.

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