Rosalita Señoritas

Spring summer 2021

The spring-summer 2021 collection of Rosalita Señoritas arrives wanting a new world, to fill with color and tropical tones, yellow, green, turquoise, rainbow, sea, palm trees, sun, to share the illusion of starting over , to dance in the open air and enjoy the little things with them, the smallest.

You will find our duets so that you can dress together, so that you are in tune and become one, so that you discover textures and colors of the hand while giving her the opportunity to observe the world from your perspective so that she learns to create the your own.

In addition, we have created a line of bikinis and swimsuits full of prints and colors, designed so that you can move freely and comfortably. You can go to the beach together and dressed the same: she in the HAY bikini and you in your KEYSTONE bikini, both in sky blue with summer prints.

In this new line of designs, as in all the others, we always choose fabrics that provide movement capacity so that they can play, jump, run, dance and enjoy themselves without worries. You will find prints of sailor lines, knots, anchors, flowers and dolls, polka dots, a variety of drawings that will awaken her creativity, such as the HOWLAND dress that will be like putting on spring or the CAPRI pants that will make her sail any sea.

We continue to bet on the manufacture of our garments in the European Union and we choose natural materials with a special role in cotton.

She looks at you, you watch her. Rosalita Señoritas, for her, for you.

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