Rosalita Señoritas

Spring summer 2020

Rosalita Señoritas 2020 collection and this time it appears with the restlessness and desire for adventure of the little ones.

We have created with their desire and strength, with that belief in something without limits, with their hope and love, with that joy that accompanies childhood and that drives them to achieve everything they want. In addition, we have created duets so that you dress alike, so that she can discover new colors and shapes in you, so that you vibrate together and dance.

Because nothing stops you.

We have paid a lot of attention to all fabrics because we want the little ones to be able to play without being careful, so that they can feel free and move freely.

You will discover that we have dresses like the Edmon dress, the Granville dress or the Grosmorne full of bright colors and prints that take you directly to summer or the Belcher skirt that is fantasy and illusion.

In addition, we have chosen a sailor print so that they can navigate from anywhere and we have designed sneakers with rubber soles and peculiar laces so that they stomp, so they can step forward without fear.

He will climb mountains, visit valleys, swim in rivers and seas, fly on a path of clouds and meet flowers you never thought he would meet. She will be surprised by new animals, she will caress different textures and her concern will make her meet people from all over the world, taste different foods, create stories, songs, pictures and she will discover herself while eating the world.

And there you will be to see it.

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