Rosalita Señoritas

Autumn winter 2016

Rosalita Señoritas Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 presents great novelties without losing its distinctive roots, originality and vitality.

Oriental illustrations and colourful traces with a naif touch are the charged of waking imagination of the little girls. The main characters to carry out this task are Artichoke and Corn collections, composed by clothes made in comfortable and versatile fabrics, especially in red and green shades, and finishes with synthetic leather details.

This season, the chic atmosphere comes from Avocado and Celery collections. Fur, suede, golden studs and brown, blue and nude tweed are mixed to compose warm comfortable clothes. There is a space for the most traditional girls with Carrot collection. Red and navy blue are the basis of this collection, which are combined with funny colourful prints that belittles seriousness.

With Potato collection, “Señoritas” will make us remember those marvelous years from our childhood when we enjoyed so much drawing with mum and dad. Fantasy world takes relevance in Cauliflower collection, which through its retro prints takes us to the most romatic and special corners from Paris.

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