Rosalita McGee

Primavera verano 2021

This spring summer 2021 collection is inspired by the freshness of summer, in those eternal naps, wet hair, fresh gazpacho and fruit juices, in the loves that drive you, the walks by the sea when you are lucky enough to sail, reading in the sun, diving into a cool sea and stargazing at night without the need for a blanket.

We wanted to capture the colors of summer in pieces such as the KEYSTONE dress, those prints full of fruits and tropical motifs on the GURLEY shirt and dress, as well as using elements of the sea such as anchors, sailor knots that you will find on the shirt, dress and the RIVERDALE bag.

In addition, we have created a line of bikinis and swimwear with designs designed to make you comfortable and feel good anywhere, so you can move freely.

We continue to bet on the manufacture of our garments in the European Union and we choose natural materials with a special role in cotton.

Rosalita McGee is you, is living.

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