Rosalita McGee

Autumn winter 2019

This collection is inspired in autumn and winter, in the countryside freedom, in the places that make you happy, and that leave you dream without limits and fearless

And now imagine that you discover the new collection autumn/winter 2019 of Rosalita where you will find all the different products like pashminas, bags, gloves, tie, hats, bows and anoraks, to keep you warm with style.

Reach out your arm and leave the Baqueira collection´s to slide, her long sleeve t-shirt can go with you in the cold afternoon while you spending all the evening riding your bicycle until the sunset. Wearing the Dolomite´s dress you could mimic the afternoons of reading and blanket, or discover the Stowe collection´s pullover and hug yourself, because you deserve it.

We believe that you deserve to go with comfortable cloths and with the best natural raw materials, and first quality that transport you to the place that you are wishing.

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