Missing Johnny

Spring summer 2017

The 2017/2018 Spring – Summer Missing Johnny collection proposes forward and elegant creations, with clear references to the art world.  

The Spring-Summer Missing Johnny season is inspired by a sophisticated and feminine woman and it clearly pursues comfortability. This collection is The ethnic printed tops and jumpsuits, navy style, dresses and jackets with buttons and vibrant colors impregnate the brand collections.

The Iglesia and Padre collections renew the ethnic style with flowing and versatile garments. The  boho chic jumpsuites, tops with tribal print, and the maxi dresses with geometric designs are full of color, and are reinvented with silver beading.

The navy style is consolidated as a safe choice in Reino and Faisal collections. The lady designs, flowing garments and feminine silhouettes give the original touch to a Missing Johnny classic design, where the dresses continue to be the main garment this season.

The military trend is renewed with elegant garments like Sagrado, Pascual y Vigilia collections. Green, red and blue colors give way to unbuttoned garments, designs with character that create elegant and feminine looks. The jackets are becoming the flagship with twisted laces details and a sophisticated army style.

The Coeli and Gracia collections represent the Missing Johnny spirit, giving a touch of originality. The abstract art is observed in each garment, creating an unique and forward piece. The t-shirts with prints in contrast and sequins details represent the urban style that characterises the brand.

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