making a difference

Spanish creativity

constant learning and evolution

Direct Distribution Channel

taking it to your point of sale

Professional Team

utmost experience

Rosalita McGee, Rosalita Señoritas and Missing Johnny


Over 25 years of experience under our belts.

Spanish design

Exclusive designs created by our creativity department in Spain.


We have developed our own exclusive patterns.


Manufactured and produced in Spain and Europe.


Packaging and some materials made out of recycled materials.


Safe, quick, easy and efficient shipping.

Discover our brands

Textiles Montecid dates back to the 90’s and is the result of years of constantly innovating, adapting to the market, continuously updating and building up experience. In all this time, the company has consolidated three brands, each with their own personality, but equally powerful: Rosalita McGee, Rosalita Señoritas and Missing Johnny.

The brand has kept its fresh style and innovative design, which is what made the brand stand out from the crowd achieving a remarkable growth since its origins.

Clothes for girls aged 2 to 12, giving a name to a line that draws inspiration from happiness and a curious outlook on life.

Clothes with a young, cutting-edge and artistic approach. Comfortable clothes, with cotton taking centre stage, but without losing our avant-garde, modern and youthful essence.

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